Normal injection moulding from 150T to 3300T
Bi- injection moulding from 250T to 1600T
Multi- injection moulding 1000T
Mu-cell injection moulding from 650T to 2400T
Tandem injection moulding from 450T to 1400T
Compression moulding from 150T to 2400T
High temperature injection moulding from 250T to 1400T
Gas injection moulding from 150T to 3300T


You will find our modern new injection moulding machines at our factory with flexible technologies. Stand beside powerful material dryers and heating and cooling equipments. Our principle is to run the same cycle times as on a production machine. We thus improve the reproducibility of the results until customers final approval.

Our injection area not only ensures effective tool tryouts but also provides our customers with a part production service. We are able to produce small, medium, large sizes,
high precision, technical plastic components etc in the flexible way.
We process plastics such as ABS,ASA,AS ( SAN),
Acronym, HIPS,HDPE,LDPE,PP, PC, PCABS,PBT,PET,PES,PMMA,POM,PA6,PA66,TPE,TPU,PVC,PPO, PPS also fiberglass-reinforced.

Wu Zhao Qiang
CEO & Owner